The Official Cloud Record of the Court

The virtual courtroom solution that allows for a superior official record through cloud-based applications.

  • Integrate

    • Easy deployment with existing AV hardware
    • Court management integration
    • System specification options
  • Record

    • Remotely testify
    • Multifeed switchable video
    • Mobile enabled
  • Download

    • Instant HD video playback
    • Integrates with management software
    • Secure

Better Justice

Better Evidence

  • High quality courtroom testimony via video
  • Time stamped exhibit sharing
  • Fast, professional transcription
  • Reduce human error in record keeping through digital evidence
  • Multiple redundancy layers

Better Efficiency

  • Faster processing of court cases
  • Eliminate clunky serves and wire mazes
  • Save time for practitioners and courts
  • Enhanced encryption keeps court records safe
  • Easy deployment integration

Better Price

  • Maximize your investment in courtroom video hardware
  • Potentially reduce expenses associated with inmate testimony
  • Eliminate travel costs for remote testimony
  • No expensive upgrades

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