About vTestify

At Virtual Legal Proceedings, we take the axiom "access to justice" to heart. Our flagship virtual testimony platform, vTestify, was developed to leverage advances in technology to improve both the quality of testimony and the methods through which it is obtained. Our product was conceived by lawyers, for lawyers, from inception to execution, in order to make a truly intuitive product. We pride vTestify on its power to address the needs of lawyers, legal professionals, and above all the clients it serves, by tackling inefficiencies in the system through the use of technology.

Our team of highly experienced professionals is driven to change the face of how you can bring justice to your clients. Through the power of technology we now can gather testimony in an affordable, efficient and secure means. Where some could otherwise be priced out of justice, we strive to increase access. At the same time, vTestify produces a record of video testimony, which is not only easier for lawyers, judges, and juries to review, but communicates all of the non-verbal aspects of testimony. This provides a more effective form of evidence than a traditional written transcript. For these reasons, we believe our virtual testimony platform will enable a positive paradigm shift in the way testimony is gathered, used, and reviewed.

vTestify reduces costs, provides better efficiency, better evidence, and better access to justice.

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